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The NCO Club Heritage

Situated in Singapore's downtown City Hall district within the South Beach precinct, The NCO Club sits on a legacy of Singapore's evolution with rich heritage dating back to the 1950s. Located in the former Non-Commissioned Officers' Club of the Singapore Armed Forces, the new The NCO Club houses an elevated, new generation of entertainment-lifestyle experiences within a legacy of iconic architecture and aesthetics, timeless culture and sophisticated pleasures.

The NCO Club holds immense historical, social, and political significance, symbolizing the spirit of patriotism and nascent nationalism in Singapore. It served as a vital hub where generations of military servicemen gathered in an inclusive, multi-ethnic environment, marking a pivotal milestone in colonial history. Together with three other conservation buildings, it forms a unique enclave showcasing Singapore's diverse architectural eras. Blocks 1, 9, and 14 reflect early Modernism with Art Deco influences, while the NCO Club embodies austere post-war Modernism, representing a rare intact example of modernist architectural heritage in Singapore. Its conservation significance lies in its role as a multi-ethnic recreation space, a repository of social memories spanning colonial to post-independence eras, and a catalyst for urban development in the Beach Road area.



  • Cool Cats: Tue to Sat
  • Fish Pool: Wed to Sat
  • Stags' Room: Tue to Sat